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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jgoodliffe 9 / 10


Ratings: All films are given ten, then stars are removed per errors- such as bad acting, direction, writing, dialogue etc. I found no egregious errors, nor inexcusable ones in this film.This film has not been seen by your humble reviewer in over 35 long years. One of the nostalgia over-the-air networks aired it this evening, a rarely aired (& I believe, not available on DVD? possibly out of print on VHS) film. British cinema of the 1970s is a lot like pizza: always good, even if it's bad it's still edible. The Belstone Fox is one of those typical '70s era memorable and good films you will never forget. The plot is the man vs. mythical enemy, in this case Tag the fox as the whale. Ahab/Asher actually helped wean it, his hunting dog brought it home discovering the helpless kit, it's mother was savagely killed by local men in her own den while she was nursing her kits. The fox isn't magic, just wily and intelligent as most wild creatures can be. That is one of the heavy, morbid scenes in the film, there is one other and it goes on for what seems a tortuous eternity: ***spoiler alert ahead*** "Tag" the fox led one of the hunting party's pack into the path of a train. It's very distressing and I thought, quite realistic. Now, suspend disbelief, it's possible (even dialogue in the film supports this) that the train carnage was not by design and just a tragic, if not coincidental result of a fox eluding his pursuers. **END of SpoilerCarry on past this pointBut! Oh this tricky fox- the fox somehow gives an impression to the viewer that it was intentional, not by word or narration but through some very creative direction and camera work -not an easy task. However, hang-dog look is simple work, and with Asher's Foxhound there is a moment it gives him a contemptuous glance, as if to say "for shame... such cruelty!" The fox's elusive tactic and seemingly intelligent tricks make him a bit of a local folk hero, gaining humorous story in a hunting mag to boot. Asher goes mad and seeks vengeance over elusive Tag, and gets a chastisement from the hunting party. The entire film is particularly enjoyable, and a small portion of my childhood being spent in this 1970s era, and I've had my share of helpless tortured animal gets revenge on cruel man films- and believe me, there were several in the 1970s, this one is markedly different. It doesn't cloy. It uses real talent, and the film is made up of more than just the plot.

Reviewed by SanDiego 9 / 10

A magnificent film.

The director and star of BORN FREE re-team to tell the story of Tag, a fox reared with a fox-hound. From the book THE BALLAD OF THE BELSTONE FOX by David Rook and later remade as the animated Disney film "The Fox and the Hound." A magnificent family film that ultimately brings up questions about the ethics of fox-hunts, mixes the fun of Benji with the drama of Old Yeller.

Reviewed by stupat 9 / 10

The Belstone Fox

Good to see Eric Porter, a very underrated actor, in the role as a gamekeeper, who puts his head in the noose, when he rears a tame fox. A 1970's film which reminded me of my country days, before things because a bit too sophisticated. Good film for a quiet hour or two. A very young-looking Dennis Waterman as a hunt assistant, before his break into the big time with John Thaw. One of these films hat you don't think-sounds very interesting, but when you sit down and get into it, you just need to see it to the ens. Jeremy Kemp as a rather worn out English country gentleman,is a pleasure to watch.I would recommend the film to anybody, I don't know how I miss it first time round.

Reviewed by welshNick 9 / 10


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